1 – Preventing Conflict & Enhancing Communication

Resistance and conflict comes in many forms and takes more hours and money out of your day than you think. The way we communicate directly affects the quality of our daily performance and productivity. Cultivating business relationships effectively is important. Gain skills to bridge cultural diversity, create trust regardless of circumstances and to pass on challenging messages successfully.

2 – Leadership Excellence

Guiding and influencing for high performance is a never-ending art. Your organization will thrive when you transform resistance into agreement and instruct more efficiently through purposefully mastering professional interaction. Enhance your charisma, integrity and leadership presence. Actualize your visions more successfully with the new Time Matrix.

3 – Optimize Teams & Accountability

The excellence of your team’s performance is directly related to utilizing each team member’s unique talents and heightens collaboration. Differentiate language that disempowers from language that empowers and enforce accountability. Adopt methods of consistency and channelize your teams’ performance towards the vision and mission of your company. Elevate skill levels in efficiency and time management to raise your productivity ratings.

4 – The 5 Secrets for Business, Sales & Service

The quality of your business relationships is inevitably connected to your success. Learn how to transform sales into service through enhancing emotional engagement. Refine your enrollment skills and perfect your closing techniques. Apply the 5 Secrets to optimize your profitability.

5 – Change Management Booster

Managing challenging situations depends on using methods of early detection and prevention. Explore the human tendency to hold on to habits and transform resistance to change into willingness to move beyond limitations. Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities and facilitate change most systemically.

You may choose any combination of the above 5 Essentials to custom-design your ideal training. (click here)