Dr. A. Doris Greenwood

  • Certified Master Trainer Certifying Trainers
  • Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Certified Consultant, Germany
  • Brought measurable changes to more than 100000 people
  • German & US citizen traveled 3 continents yearly for 3 decades
  • The only certifying Master Trainer in India from the prestigious and original SNLP, CA, USA
  • International Leadership and Communications Specialist

Dr. A. Doris Greenwood known as "Dr. Doris" is a NLP Master Trainer, Corporate Trainer and Coach with 35 years of experience in personal and professional coaching. She believes every organization, business and individual can produce outstanding results when expressing their true purpose and when properly maximizing and honing relationships.

There is nothing more important to her than being a catalyst for elevating the levels of respect and effectiveness in individual, team and organizational interactions. She is committed to helping organizations and businesses develop authentic growth and success for a more conscious world.

She has a vast cultural background having worked and lived in many countries throughout her career. Her love for people and passion for communication are the foundation of her ability to overcome diversity and create cooperation. Dr. Doris believes the essence of business success lies in the power of relationships and an organization's ability to communicate effectively with one another and their customers.

Her educational background and doctoral and trainer thesis all focused on how thought language and emotion create the patterns for success. She has studied with some of the greatest communication experts in the world which made her develop the mind-set, skills and behaviors necessary to produce specific and measurable training results.

Dr. Doris is one of only seven licensed and certified NLP Master Trainer from the NLP Connection, Society of NLP, Santa Cruz, California and she is the only NLP Master Trainer offering NLP Master Trainings, which means training trainer to train trainers. She is known as the most energetic, active and interactive Master Trainer truly embodying learning by doing. She loves structure and putting content into step-by-step processes that are easy to pass as a trainer and for direct daily implementation.. Her work is purpose and application-driven. Her style is generous, jubilant, greatly entertaining and fun.