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Conscious Solutions offers training programs for businesses and organizations


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Specializing in programs that build,
develop and enhance:

In our current economy managing costs is critically important and profoundly affects the future of your organization. Challenges and stress in your working environment result in low productivity. The abilities to interact effectively, lead intelligently and cope with change successfully are necessary for your organization or business to thrive.

Your people and working climates are important to us. Our focus is to save you time and money by tailoring our programs to your unique needs. Both managers and employees empowered through our training will create healthier and thriving working atmospheres. They become champions for your goals and vision and thus raise your performance.

Our purpose is to customize and deliver programs that
effectively meet your needs and optimize your profitability.



Bajaj Allianz, Pune, India Pike’s Landing Hotel, Fairbanks, Alaska
Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Alaska Providence Health Systems Alaska
Denali State Bank, Alaska RuralCAP, Native Cooperation, Anchorage, Alaska
Dynamic Properties, Real Estate, USA Selling in the Zone, Edmondson Associates, Seattle
EmpowerU Trainings, Reno, Nevada SER-Insituto, Brasilia, Recife and Salvador, Brazil
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska State of ALaska, DOT, Department of Transportation
Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc., Alaska University of Alaska; University of Washington
MCCIA, Maharatta Chamber of Commerce, India Union for Social Work, Germany
Mount McKinley Bank, Alaska Zensar Technologies, Pune, India
North American Seminars, Kent, Washington Weikfield Mnemonix Info Networks, India